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any-dl is a generic video downloader tool that uses a domain specific language to describe how to download videos from each video site.

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Release Notes: This release adds a command line option, -ms, that allows you to set a sleep-time (in milliseconds) for bulk-get. This is useful if you use a parser that may want to download some hundred (possibly large) files, which may cause problems at the server that is scraped. This option is to delimit the load for the source-server; just set a timeout of some seconds and let any-dl do its work without causing too much trouble.

  •  15 Feb 2014 00:45

    Release Notes: Expanded language features (more commands, and broader functionality of known commands). More and corrected video site parsers. Better handling of config files, making it easier to separate any-dl's parsers and your own parsers, and using XDG_CONFIG_HOME (additionally, not dogmatically). A new command line option: initial referrer. Partially cleaned up code and documentation.

    •  17 May 2013 18:04

      Release Notes: This release adds new site-parsers, new command line switches, parser language enhancements, and bugfixes.

      •  11 Feb 2013 02:34

        Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes, new commands (e.g., grep, delete), cookies support, and a simple TED parser.

        •  02 Feb 2013 03:05

          Release Notes: The README now contains description of where to put the config file.

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          03 Jul 2013 12:45 ouser

          Enhancing the last comment: When you have a file with URLs for which you want to create the desktop-files, then you can use this bash-script for this task:



          any-dl -f create_desktoplink.adl -p desktop `paste $URLS_FILE -s` > $RESULTS

          csplit $RESULTS --prefix=$PREFIX --suffix-format=$FORMAT /\#\ \-\-\-/ {*}

          rm -v generated_desktopfile_00000.desktop # sorry for the radcoded name ;-)

          03 Jul 2013 12:43 ouser

          How to create desktop-links files for Gnome Desktop from a list or URLs?

          It's about three lines of code, when using a certain parser for this task.

          First you create a file, say "create_desktoplink.adl" and it contans the following:

          parsername "desktop": ()
          print( "[Desktop Entry]" );
          print( "Encoding=UTF-8" );
          print("Name=", $title);
          print("URL=", $STARTURL);

          Then you call any-dl this way:

          $ any-dl -f create_desktoplink.adl -p desktop > RESULTS

          Then you need to split the results into seperated files:

          $ csplit RESULTS --prefix=generated_desktopfile_ /\#\ \-\-\-/ {*}

          Then you can remove the file with Index 00 with "rm".

          Thats it.

          17 May 2013 01:57 ouser

          Feel free to write or enhance site-parsers and submit them to me.
          I will possibly (not necessarily) add them to the any-dl-rc-file (possibly changed or unchanged).

          02 Feb 2013 02:13 ouser

          I forgot to mention in the README (added it now),
          that the file "rc-file.adl" must be copied to
          "$HOME/.any-dl.rc" so that the tool works out of the box.

          I added it to the README in 0.9.2b



          The file "rc-file.adl" does contain needed parser-definitions
          for any-dl to work as expected.
          This file must be saved to the home-directory as file ".any-dl.rc".

          So, please copy it from ./rc-file.adl" to $HOME/.any-dl.rc

          $ cp rc-file.adl $HOME/.any-dl.rc

          Alternatively you can use the "-f" option of any-dl
          to tell any-dl, which file contains the parser-definitions.


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